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Cloth pocket nappies explained

These are the facts:


One size, birth to potty
No need to buy different sized nappies. One size fits all from 3kg – 15kg. There are poppers down the front for you to adjust the rise of the nappy in 3 different positions allowing the nappy to “grow” with your baby.


The pocket
Cloth pocket nappies have a pocket in which you place the super absorbent microfiber inserts. You can ”stuff” as little or as much as you need for your little one, depending on whether they are a heavy wetter or not.


Waterproof outer
Our pocket nappies have a waterproof outer layer, so no need for a separate outer wrap and no need to cover that gorgeous nappy! The outer layer is made from soft, breathable PUL (polyurethane laminate). This also means, once washed, it comes out of the machine practically dry.


Inner lining
The inner layer is made of soft polyester, which draws moisture away from baby’s bottom, into the microfiber insert. This helps keep baby dry and comfortable.

Microfiber insert
Each nappy comes with one, incredibly soft, insert, made of super absorbent microfiber (80% polyester 20% nylon), which is more absorbent than regular flannel and dries much quicker. Please see our nappy shop for additional inserts.

Eye-catching variety
these nappies come in a variety of funky colours and patterns. Some of our nappies have a velvety stay soft “minky” outer, which is silky to the touch.

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