Cloth nappy care

Caring for your beautiful cloth nappies could not be easier.

Care Instructions

First Use:

The more you wash the nappy, the more absorbent it will become. We advise washing at least twice, before the first wear. This will stretch the fibres in the nappy, making it more absorbent. DO NOT USE SOFTENER.


  • Empty solids into the toilet before placing in a nappy bucket
  • Store dry in a bucket, with a lid, until ready for washing. No need to soak
  • When you are ready to wash them, remove the inserts from the pocket (if you haven’t already)
  • RINSE - Do a cold-water rinse in your machine to help remove any stains. Hot water may 'set' the stain
  • WASH - Follow with a normal wash –we recommend 40 degrees, using just a tablespoon of powder. DO NOT USE SOFTENER – this reduces the absorbency and causes build up of powder in the nappy – which in turn may cause nappy rash
  • RINSE - Rinse until no bubbles
  • DRY - Help the environment even more and hang to dry. Regular use of a tumble drier is not recommended for the waterproof part of the nappy

Top Tips:

  • If you still see stains – hang in direct sunlight and the stains will be naturally bleached away…as if by magic!
  • If you want yummy smelling nappies – a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil in the softener draw will help
  • To help keep your baby’s bum rash free – we recommend a nappy change every 2-3 hours. If baby has poo’d, it should be changed immediately. The poo reacts with urine and is another cause of nappy rash
  • If your baby does have nappy rash – do not use any barrier creams with these nappies. Instead, we recommend using honey. This is easily washed off

Trouble Shooting:

  • NAPPY RASH? – ensure the nappies and inserts have been rinsed until no more bubbles. Use less powder in the next wash
  • LEAKAGE? – there may be a build up of powder on the inserts. A cap of white vinegar in the wash will help break down any detergent build up. This is known as “stripping”
  • WING DROOP? – if the wings of the nappy start falling, put the first popper on the edge of the wing, then tuck the wing under until you get to the next required popper

Any other questions, feel free to email us:

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